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As Lincoln Fashion Week 2018 fast approaches, we have been providing the community with blogs on our models, sponsors and more. Continuing that theme today, we provide you with an in-depth look at our Official Charity Partner, Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

“Lincoln Fashion Week is such a great event which involves everyone in the local community, from local high street shops to young families.”

In the interview with Gemma about LNAA (Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance) we discussed the charity, fashion week and more. Below is a collection of responses taken from that interview.

Gemma Shaw, the Fundraising Manager for LNAA, explained to us how important it was for the charity to be involved with local community events due to the fact, as a charity, they receive no direct Government funding. Therefore, the charity relies on the generosity of the public and the local business community to enable them to keep their Ambucopter and crew flying.

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She went onto explain why the community is of grand importance to the charity, explaining: “The Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance NEEDS community support. From volunteering in our shops and events or donating items to sell, to holding fundraising events or making financial donations, we rely on our local community. Each donation, hour given, or event held means we can continue to fund our vital service. Without the support from our local community there would be no Air Ambulance service in Lincolnshire.”

LNAA usually partners with the community on one singular event or for Charity of the Year, however, Gemma explains that partnering with Lincoln Fashion Week (LFW) is quite “a unique partnership”. With Fashion Week running for 7 days, it allows them the opportunity for a blast of fundraising initiatives and awareness raising opportunities, allowing them to try new ideas and reach out to the community. As Gemma goes onto explain, LNAA enjoys being partnered with LFW due to the fact: “Lincoln Fashion Week is such a great event which involves everyone in the local community, from local high street shops to young families. It’s great way to say thank you to all our supporters at the same time as telling people more about the valuable work we do in Lincolnshire, saving lives every day.”


“We love the fact that we can try something new. We have an exciting Pop-Up shop in the Waterside Shopping Centre throughout Fashion Week, where we be selling pre-loved ball gowns, event wear and accessories. This is something totally new for us and we are really excited about showcasing some of the amazing donations we receive and showing people that attending a ball or race day wearing an amazing outfit doesn’t have to break the bank.”

All the fundraising that LNAA do goes towards ensuring the day-to-day running of the charity and the outstanding work it does. The charity responds to around 1,000 of the most serious, life-threatening 999 calls across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. They help anyone in need, whether it’s a granddad in cardiac arrest, a mother in a road traffic accident or a son in a sporting accident, they are there when every second counts. Their highly skilled pilots, doctors and paramedics, transport the equivalent of an A&E department directly to the patient and provide them with the very best chance of survival and recovery. As Gemma goes onto share with us: “This year we will extend our operational hours from 12 to 24 every single day, making support from the public and business community even more important than ever to help us save more lives than ever before.”

As you have read, the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance team work tirelessly around the clock responding to emergency calls as well as fundraising to ensure they can keep doing so. As Gemma previously mentioned, a partnership with Lincoln Fashion Week is incredibly unique and beneficial to them. As a charity, they recognise the importance of building relationships with their local community and Gemma continue to add: “Lincoln BIG and Lincoln Fashion Week are truly successful because of the relationships they hold. Partnering with Lincoln Fashion Week allows us to build upon our existing networks while creating new partnerships that may not have been possible before in order to secure the future success of our Charity.”

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Gemma Shaw provided us with an amazing interview for this weeks blog and we hope it has raised more awareness, to you the community, about their important role in saving lives relentlessly. If there is one thing you do during Fashion Week, make sure you check out the fundraising opportunities that LNAA are hosting.

Finally, we asked Gemma whether the LNAA team would like to be involved in the future and if she had any final thoughts, these are her responses:

“Absolutely! This is been a great experience for us. We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Team who are working on this event. It’s allowed us to think really creatively about what role we can play in Fashion Week and how we can use these ideas to generate income, awareness and build relationships for the future.”

We want to thank everyone who has helped and supported us in this partnership, we really do appreciate it. Everyone, from retailers and designers to Michael, Jessica and George at Lincoln BIG, it’s a fantastic opportunity and everyone here at Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance is so grateful.

For more information on fundraising opportunities, find out more on their social media:

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